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Bring a water bottle: Hydration is essential, so dancers should bring a water bottle to every class. (Avoid glass bottles for safety.)

No chewing gum/candy: To maintain focus and prevent choking hazards.

Restroom use: Encourage dancers to use the restroom before or after class to minimize disruption. Instructors will accommodate restroom breaks when necessary.

Communicate injuries: Any injuries should be promptly communicated to staff to ensure safe movement and prevent further harm.

Notify absences: Please inform us in advance if your child will miss a class via email or call/text.

Attendance policy: Regular attendance is crucial for progress. Excessive absences may result in dismissal from classes without refund.

Have questions about what to wear for class? click here 



Lobby Access: 

  • The doors to the lobby will open 15 minutes prior to the first class of the day, allowing students and parents to arrive and prepare for their classes.


  • Lobby access will conclude promptly after the departure of the last student following the final class of the day.


  • Individuals aged 18 years or younger, not enrolled in Center Stage Dance classes, are prohibited from being left unsupervised in the lobby area at any time.

Required Supervision of Students:

  • Students may not be left unattended in the lobby until they reach the age of 13, unless prior arrangements have been made with Center Stage Dance staff.


  • If any student, regardless of age, is left unattended in the lobby for more than 15 minutes before or after their scheduled class, they will incur a $20 charge for each subsequent 5-minute period. Charges will be applied at the start of every 5-minute period.

Ensuring Smooth Class Experience: Students below the age of 7 must have an adult responsible for them present in the lobby during class times.


Student Pickup: Students must remain inside the building until a responsible party arrives for pickup; waiting outside is not permitted. Exceptions include students with a valid driver's license and their vehicle present, or those who are 18 years old. However, if a student under 18 lacks a present vehicle, this policy remains in effect.

Items in the Building: All items brought into the building by the student must accompany them into the studio during class unless held onto by the parent or adult responsible for the student.

  • By keeping personal items with them or under the supervision of a parent or guardian, students reduce the risk of theft or damage. Bringing items into the studio during class also reduces the risk of tripping hazards or clutter in the lobby that could cause accidents or injuries.

  • Students bringing only necessary items to class helps create a focused learning environment. It discourages distractions that may arise from personal belongings, encouraging students to concentrate on their class activities.

  • This policy promotes respect for the studio environment. By keeping personal items with them or with their parents or guardians, students contribute to maintaining a clean and organized space, fostering a sense of responsibility and consideration for others who use the studio.

No Dancing In The Lobby: To ensure the safety and comfort of all our dancers and guests, we have implemented a strict policy prohibiting dancing in the lobby. While we love to see your passion for dance, the lobby is not the stage for your moves. Here's why:

  • Our lobby serves as a hub for arrivals and departures, and dancing in this space increases the risk of collisions and accidents. We want to keep everyone on their toes, but in the studio, not the lobby.

  • Just like dancers respect the boundaries of a stage, we must respect the purpose of each area in our studio. The lobby is for mingling, not moonwalking.

  • Footloose Flashbacks: We're all familiar with the story of the town where dancing was banned, and while we're not quite as strict as Reverend Shaw Moore, we do ask that you save your fancy footwork for the studio floor. Let's keep the lobby free of any Kevin Bacon-inspired rebellion.

​So, while we encourage you to express yourselves through dance, please remember to confine your routines to the studio. Let's dance like nobody's watching, but let's do it where it's safe and appropriate!

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